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An encapsulated whole food, provides high-quality nutritional support.

What People are Saying:
..Cut the edge off....
"I used the Brain Formula supplement during a stressful trip this summer to visit my family.  It is usually very stressful for me, almost unbearable, as I have no where to truly process all the emotions.  Brain Formula cut the edge off and I was able to have a calmer, more meaningful trip. 
....Stay focused and accomplish more...fall asleep easily. 
"Taking the Health Resolutions Brain Formula has allowed me to stay focused and accomplish more without getting "the gitters" or nervousness.  I have taken on a lot of additional work and instead of feeling panicked, I am able to calmly take a look at things and keep moving.  Since taking it, I feel less prone to "fight or flight" mode and am able to focus on tasks.  Doesn't keep me up at night - I am able to fall asleep easily.  
Kelly G.  
After the fires...calmness & clarity....
With all the horrific fires that were happening in Sonoma County, I was feeling very uneasy, which isn’t the norm for me. I started taking the “Brain Formula” and a calmness returned to me that was so welcomed. My traumatized brain was able to think clearly and that was a huge relief for me!

So if you ever find yourself in a situation that causes trauma in your life, I recommend that you try “Brain Formula” from Health Resolutions Treatment Center, it really works! 
Jan Kucker
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